Female Leaders in Art and Design: Jan Yanehiro

It took Jan Yanehiro six auditions to become one of the first female Asian-American journalists in the Bay Area. It was tough convincing them she can do the job, but she hopes it doesn’t have to be that way anymore for women today.

When it all boils down to it, Jan believes that the role of art and design is to become “the great equalizer, because it’s all about the talent.” And she’s right, the ability to do the job should not be judged based on gender, but rather the output. In the field of art and design, it is the work, first and foremost, that will be seen, hear, or felt, and the identity of the creator becomes incidental.

As Jan sums it up, “All we’re ever asking for is the opportunity to do the job… Just give us the opportunity, we can do the job. And we’ll do it well.”

Watch the video below to gain more words of wisdom from Jan Yanehiro, Director of the School of Communications and Media Technologies, and one of Academy of Art University’s Female Leaders in Art and Design.

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