Frank Cole Gets Show Business

If you spend any sort of time at all with actor Frank Cole (born Frank Diaz, ’16), you notice there’s something different about him. Sure, the 28-year-old’s good looks and quick charm are probably the first things you notice. But there’s something more.

You start to understand that Frank Cole gets it.

Frank gets that it’s called “show business” for a reason. He understands the importance of networking, of looking people in the eye, and a firm handshake. Frank sees that success takes hard work.

Frank Cole knows that a seemingly ordinary role can become an extraordinary opportunity to steal the show and change your life.

And as good networkers do, he gets people. “From my first encounters with him, I knew he would deliver,” recalls Damon Sperber, Associate Director, School of Acting at Academy of Art University. “He has an understanding of the power of networking and following up on what you say you’ll do.”

Artists and actors are often experts at creativity, but clueless in the business side of the craft. We’ve all seen it: while some entertainers are phenomenally successful, others can never seem to catch a break. The difference? They forget that talent and training are only part of the equation. You also need some business, self-promotion and networking abilities.

School Days: Honing His Skills

Frank Cole came to Academy of Art University knowing that to be successful in the industry, he needed to gain experience and develop his skills as an actor and performer.

With this commitment came certain sacrifices: While most of his peers were out enjoying their weekends, Mr. Cole was on set filming. When he wasn’t on set, he was working at the top casting agency in the Bay Area.

Frank Cole: A Bright Future

These experiences further expanded his circle of influence and provided valuable hands-on experience in diverse areas of filmmaking, including editing and auditioning talent.

And he never stopped acting. He became a versatile force in a number of campus-wide events. In fact, his role as host of the University’s yearly Media Awards event still resonates with those who were there.

“When the cameras come on, watch out!” said Jan Yanehiro, Director of Communications and Media Technologies at Academy of Art University. “Frank’s personality explodes on screen! He has that ability to transition smoothly from role to role; playing the ‘boy next door,’ one day, and the high-energy ‘TV host’ the next. That’s a fantastic skill that will benefit him professionally.”

Frank Cole: A Bright Future

After graduation in 2016, Frank transitioned seamlessly from the busy university life to living and working in Los Angeles, booking jobs and being “in the conversation” for some major roles.

Now full-time in Los Angles, it’s no surprise that Frank has enjoyed an abundance of work on a wide-array of projects, including some pretty big roles with Netflix and 2K GAMES.

And isn’t that what it’s all about? All the classes and auditions, the education, working weekends, the sweat and passion? It’s about being in a position to share your talents with the world, and making them feel something special.