Is an Online Graphic Design Degree Right for You?

Graphic design is a lucrative and growing industry for anyone with an affinity for art and design. In the past, graphic designers were limited to print and apparel markets.

Today, the modern industry has given rise to a whole slew of new digital outlet needs like logos, digital marketing graphics, web design, infographics and much more.

Compensation for graphic design work is good. However, the value of a highly skilled graphic designer with a degree is much stronger. According to Graphic Design Degree Hub, graphic designers with a college degree earn up to $10,000 more than those without.

Graphic design schools give you the opportunity to transition into a highly sought after career in a creative field, and the best part is that many of them offer programs online. In fact, studying Graphic Design online is actually ideal for a number of reasons:


These days, graphic designers need to be proficient at using not just one, but multiple design tools and software. Among the more popular ones include InDesign, Illustrator, CorelDraw, Photoshop and other Vector manipulation software, such as animation.

They also need to be fluent across multiple coding languages, such as C++, JavaScript, Python, PHP, and Ruby on Rails. To earn clients and professional projects, graphic designers need to apply these skills to create a winning portfolio of work.

An online program is thus ideal for developing an advanced level of comfort and literacy with technological platforms.


Many people who study graphic design are transitioning from another profession or juggling multiple responsibilities and projects. Having the option to earn an online graphic design degree enables parents to keep caring for their families, full-time professionals to continue working, and freelancers to stay creating at their own pace.

The flexibility of an online program provides the freedom to learn when free time is available, not only when a class is held on a campus location.


If you desire a “real” college experience but lack the time or resources to attend an actual campus, then an online program could be ideal for you. When choosing program, it’s important to find one that values and provides an environment for collaboration and interaction.

The right program has courses structured to foster collaboration among all students via group assignments and class-wide discussion forums. Instructors also have more time and flexibility to communicate with students directly and provide one-on-one feedback, guidance, and even mentorship.

Resources and Accessibility

Another benefit of online programs is the long-term access to course materials, which gives students the opportunity to review content without the burden of taking notes. This is particularly useful with graphic design courses, because there is such an abundance of technical and digital material.

Memorizing this material occupies valuable time and energy that should be channeled into the process of creating new work. With 24/7 accessibility to learning resources, online graphic design students can focus on actually understanding and applying the learning material to create exceptional graphic designs.

When you choose to earn a graphic design degree online, you’re investing in your creative future on your terms. Academy of Art University has a well-established online degree curriculum for the School of Graphic Design.

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