>VLSM (Very Large Stop Motion)

>To the list of all the fun and useful things you can do with your cell phone, add animation. Aardman Studios teamed up with Nokia to promote the N8 smart phone. The N8's on board camera supposedly…

>Kitchen Pest

>I came home today hearing that we have a fly problem in the kitchen– a problem I created. Often in the summer this problem is due to fruit that ripened while we were away at work, which then…

>Events in Animation: John Musker

> Animation Events this week at UC Berkley. For more info, visit: http://events.berkeley.edu/?event_ID=44947&date=2011-08-03&tab=all_events

>Think First – Consider the Story

> “There is an overwhelming tendency to draw the outline of the figure rather than the energy and thought within the body that is behind the move or the pose”…

>1st Post!

>Fabulous sketch of the week ... Nicolas P. Villarreal - full time Visual Development Faculty.