Working at PARAMOUNT: Living the Dream | Alumni Spotlight

Discover Rain Zheng's journey through the film industry. A vibrant tapestry of relentless progression and hands-on mastery. Armed with an MFA in Film and Television Production from the Academy, she…

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Christopher Ewing: From Academy to Hollywood

Discover how Christopher Ewing’s BFA in directing and screenwriting from the Academy’s School of Motion Pictures and Television paved the way for his successful Hollywood career. Ewing, winner of…

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Creative Mind Podcast Bonus Episode: Movie Magic on a Budget

In this bonus episode of Creative Mind, we jump into the world of writing, directing and producing for low budget films.

Women Composers: Kanno Yoko

The Art Bundle: The Producer and the List of Sevens

This edition of The Art Bundle for entertainment arts features the renowned Producer role and a motley crew of Sevens: award-winning female composers and playwrights, and major theatre awards.

Creative Mind - Marjorie Sturm - Episode 6

Creative Mind Podcast Episode 6: Marjorie Sturm – Love and Heartache in Documentary Films

(by Bobby Brill) Producing a documentary film sounds easy at the start–just follow your subject around and capture what they do, and edit it all together into something engaging. But that's just the…

Creative Mind - The Pitch - Bonus Episode 5- 700x300 Staic Ad

Creative Mind Bonus Episode: Academy Award Winner Jana Memel Talks Making the Pitch

(by Bobby Brill) Tell me your story. Give me your pitch. That sounds easy, but for most of us crafting a pitch can be nerve-racking.


Female Leaders in Art & Design: Jana Sue Memel

As an Oscar-winning producer, Jana Sue Memel is as expert as it can get in the entertainment industry. Reaching that success, especially as a woman, did not come easy, though.


Spring Show 2019 Retrospective – Entertainment Arts

Before we unveil the 2020 Virtual Spring Show, let’s take a look back at what 2019 had to offer. First up, we have entries under Entertainment Arts.

Creative Mind - Doug Campbell - Episode 5

Creative Mind Episode Podcast Episode 5: Doug Campbell, Master Storyteller

(by Bobby Brill) For many, working in Hollywood as a film director is a dream. For Doug Campbell, it is everyday reality.


Heads Up, It’s NXT UP Fest 2020! Vote Now!

When: May 1, 2020, Friday |7:00PM PSTWhere: ZOOM VOTE NOW YES, the student film festival of Academy of Art University’s film school is pushing through this year—online.