Take College Classes This Summer Anytime, Anywhere!

Summer classes don’t have to be a drag. With virtual classes, you can earn college credits anytime, anywhere, while collaborating with classmates everywhere.

international student working on projects from home

Tips for Success: International Students Studying Online

Studying online has become a regular part of pursuing a college education. If you’re an international student unfamiliar with online learning, consider these tips for academic success.

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5 Reasons You Should Push Through with Your Education Despite Omicron

Delay your educational goals? No way! Here's how to do it safely.

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Online Careers to Pursue in the Rising Work From Home Era

Rethinking the courses you can take in college in light of the changed working landscape? Check out these online careers where employers embrace remote work.

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Why Asynchronous Learning is Best for International Online Students

Asynchronous learning allows students to access courses the world over, giving them more control over their own academic adventure.

Top Reasons to Study Abroad Online

Ever wondered how you can study abroad without leaving your country? Online classes give you opportunities to gain international experience at home.

Top Benefits for Earning an International Degree

Earning a degree in another country provides lots of benefits beyond the professional credentials. And although travel isn’t probable right now, an international class online can still yield…

Online Education: Studying From Home

Online Education: Reaching Your Goals the 21st Century Way

With people staying cooped up in their homes, life as we know it has come to a standstill. But that doesn't mean your education has to be put on hold too. Here are some compelling reasons for you to…

Seven Films and TV Shows Refined by Art Historians

To make the biggest impact, historical TV shows and films must make accuracy a priority. Here's how people with an art history degree can help.

Seven Inspiring Art History Movies to Watch

Studying art history is using intelligence to analyze the historical context, and applying emotions to connect with art. Watching films can certainly stimulate our emotional and rational reflections…