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A Closer Look at the Professional Landscape of Landscape Architecture

Learn how to decode the landscape with School of Landscape Architecture director Jeff McLane on July 21, 2020. RSVP here to get yourself counted in this FREE interactive workshop. Meanwhile, have…

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The Art Bundle: Sustainable Design Inspirations and Tips for from Around the World to Your Home

By this time, it’s pretty clear that sustainable design is not just some trendy concept, but rather, a realistic ideal that is here to stay—mainly out of necessity.

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Six Notable Landscape Architects in History

Students with a love of design and ecology, or a desire to improve the way people interact with the environment, would do well to study about and derive inspiration from these famous landscape…

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Landscape Architecture Degree Inspo: Top 7 Green Buildings in the World

With a landscape architecture degree, you can design sustainable buildings. Learn more about some of the most famous green buildings in the world.

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Landscape Architecture Inspo: Seven Garden Wonders of the World

Gardens reflect our culture and our history. These seven famous gardens from around the world have had a lasting impact on landscape architecture.


Female Leaders in Art and Design: Julie Trachtenberg

School of Landscape Architecture instructor Julie Trachtenberg is optimistic that the industry is taking great strides towards gender equality. Hear more from this week's featured Female Leader in…

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Seven Wonders of the Interior Landscape Design World

Interior landscape design offers a chance to bring the beauty of nature indoors. Learn more about notable interior plantscaping projects.  

Trends and Development in the Modern Landscape Architecture Industry

Modern landscape architecture is changing all the time. Students considering a landscape architecture career have much to look forward to in this industry.

Building a Landscape Architecture Career: Salary, Trends, and More

People with strong artistic and scientific skills do well in a landscape architecture career. Learn how you can make the world a more beautiful place.  

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What You’ll Learn Earning a Landscape Architecture Degree

What can you expect to learn while earning your landscape architecture degree? This informative guide helps break it down.