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Why Acting School

So, you want to be an actor? Cool. Anybody can do it, right? The best actors are the ones who don’t appear to be acting, so clearly, there must be nothing to it. So is the key to “keeping it real”…

A Century Apart: Hollywood in 1920s vs 2020s

Hollywood has had major changes occur in a century. Learn more about acting career highlights and the filmmaking industry in the 1920s vs 2020s.

Six Hollywood Stars with Career Beginnings in Theatre

Wondering what studying theatre at acting school can lead to? For these Hollywood stars, studying theatre led to huge film and TV careers.


Spring Show 2019 Retrospective – Entertainment Arts

Before we unveil the 2020 Virtual Spring Show, let’s take a look back at what 2019 had to offer. First up, we have entries under Entertainment Arts.

9 Must-See Classical Plays for Your Theatre Gateway

From Macbeth to Chicago, a variety of classical plays feature dialogue and characters that remain relevant for today's audiences.

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11 Must-See Musicals: Gateways to Theatre Appreciation

You’ve probably watched Grease and at least heard of Hamilton, but what about some of the musicals that made history, but didn’t have quite the same mainstream spotlight?


The Art Bundle: Setting Standards in Entertainment Arts – The Best, the Worst, the Indie

For this edition of The Art Bundle for Entertainment Arts, we bring together standards and criteria—for the best and the worst in the industry.

Theater Hall and Stage

On-Stage Entertainment Arts: Shining a Spotlight on Major Theater Awards

You’ve heard of the Oscars — but have you heard of the Tonys? Dive into major entertainment arts awards given out to the theater stars that light up our stages.

Seven Women Composers: Women's History Month

Seven Award-Winning Women Composers in Entertainment Arts

In honor of Women’s History Month, discover the achievements of 7 notable women composers in entertainment arts — ranging from movies and animated films to video games.

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Careers in Entertainment Arts: Understanding the Role of the Producer

You might have seen “producer” listed in movie credits, but do you know what producers actually do?