Happy International Children’s Day! Adding Color with Online Art Education

This International Children's Day, help kids gain an appreciation for the arts with virtual tours. Learn more about these free online art education resources.

Go Higher with Your Career in Art Education

This June 6th is National Higher Education Day. Here is how a degree in art education could help you to advance in your career as an art educator.

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Practical Values of Art History and Art Education

You’ve probably heard it before: there are no jobs for art majors, or that liberal arts degrees aren’t a worthwhile pursuit. It’s a common belief about art school—and it’s also untrue.

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Spring Show 2019 Retrospective – Liberal & Fine Arts

For this next iteration in our Spring Show Retrospective, we take a look back at the masterpieces showcased by our fine art and liberal art students back in 2019.

Seven Smart Tips for Online Art Education

Teaching art online can be challenging for art educators. Here are some tips from us to help you stay efficient while easing your mind.

Getting Schooled on How to be a Museum Educator

Studying museum education at an art school lets you build a career teaching others about various works of art.

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Teaching Strategies in Art: Industry Trends to Look Out for

Today's art education methods are modern, exciting, and more innovative than ever before.  

What Goes Into Earning an Art Education Degree: Vital Classes and More

What kinds of classes can you expect to take to earn a visual arts education degree? Learn more about these vital art education classes.

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A Closer Look Into Viable Art Teacher Jobs

Are you considering a degree in art education? Check out this list of art teacher jobs to see where your training could take you!

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What is Art Education: Explore the Basics of This Field

Art education can lead you to a bright future of passing your knowledge onto others. Find out more about this field, including required skills and potential career options.