Noor plays to review the latest game.

Noor Alkhadra Believes “If I Can Win At Games, I Can Win At Life”

As a female from Saudi Arabia, Noor Alkhadra is breaking gender stereotypes in the male-dominant game development industry.

Creative Mind Podcast Bonus Episode: Anthony Jones Beyond Concept

(by Bobby Brill) This bonus episode of Creative Mind features the exclusive talk from Concept Artist, Anthony Jones.

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The Art Bundle: The Coolest in the Gaming Industry – Women Designers, Game Conventions, Title and Console Launches

Welcome back to another iteration of The Art Bundle – Gaming edition! Just before we wrap up the months of May, we look back at a time when going to public gatherings like game conventions aren’t…

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Michael Buffington to Host Online Workshop for Head Sketching

What: Head Sketching Online Workshop with Michael BuffingtonWhen: April 9, 2020, Thursday | 7:00PM PSTWhere: ZOOMRegister Here

Creative Mind Podcast Bonus Episode 3 - Andi Miller

Creative Mind Bonus Episode: Andy Miller is Not Playing Games When It Comes to Esports

(by Bobby Brill) In this bonus episode of Creative Mind, we are welcomed by Andy Miller, the owner of the San Francisco Shock, the San Francisco-based professional esports team, to dive into the…


The Art Bundle: When Gaming Takes Over Modern Day Pop Culture – Online Gaming, Films, Tabletops

Gaming has grown to be such a part of today’s pop culture that it’s crossed over to and with other mediums.

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Creative Mind Podcast Episode 3: Michael Buffington Helps Create Worlds 10,000 Drawings at a Time

Michael Buffington is bursting with ideas about different worlds and unique environments far from what we are normally used to. All he needs to start building them is a pencil and paper.


Game Development Life-Changers: Best Launches in the Last 10 Years

Video game title and console launches are exciting times for gamers and those who work in game development. Check out some of the best recent launches.


Female Leaders in Art and Design: Dana Jakobson

“I think that when we stop caring who is behind an artwork and let the artwork speak for itself is when we’ll have a pivotal moment in creating a gender-equal world.”

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Keeping Up with Game Development: 7 Video Game Conventions to Watch For

Video game conventions offer a chance to learn more about and appreciate game development. Find out more about some major conventions in the industry.