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The Many Facets of Art Education

Build Career Skills in Art & Design Are you constantly doodling, sketching, planning, coding, sculpting, designing?  Can your passion be quenched?  Can your desire be satisfied? Do…

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Transforming Higher Education

Meshing Practical Education & Liberal Arts Be Job-Ready on Day One Whether you are an artist, a surgeon, or even a business person, acquiring and then mastering basic skills are the first…

Richelle Cowan on Creative Mind Podcast

Creative Mind Podcast Episode 52: World Building with Richelle Cowan

Richelle is a dedicated artist based in Denver, Colorado. Having grown up a high-level reader, acute interests in science/nature, and an avid fan of books, movies, and games alike. Being a nerd…

CMP-Caroline Baca-Vecchio

Creative Mind Podcast Episode 48: Caroline Baca-Vecchio on Art as Continuous Learning

From Spring Show to the pages of Juxtapoz Magazine, MFA student and fine art painter Caroline Baca-Vecchio has been riding a whirlwind of success, all the while selling her house and moving her…

StudioX Podcast with Catherine Tate and Sasha Korellis

Creative Mind Podcast Episode 47: Catherine Tate and Sasha Korellis on StudioX

StudioX, a student-run, faculty-mentored experience, emulates a real-world animation and VFX production environment.

creativemind-John Harvatine

Creative Mind Podcast 46: John Harvatine Builds Small Worlds to Tell Big Stories with Stop Motion

On this episode of the Creative Mind podcast, we talk with John “Harv” Harvatine IV about how he got into the world of stop motion and how he has built a world—of little worlds—that allow artists…

Creative Mind - Room to Read

Creative Mind Episode 36: Illustrating Peace & Equality – Creating Diverse Children’s Books

On this episode of Creative Mind, we dive in the Room to Read book sprint that brought together diverse writers and illustrators from the United States to create 10 books in just four weeks.

creative mind-jess velarde

Creative Mind Podcast Episode 35 – Jess Velarde, Fine Art Painter

School of Fine Art MFA grad Jess Velarde talks about going back to school to become a fine art painter, proving that life as an artist can begin at any time.

Creative Mind - Lucas Bononi

Creative Mind Podcast Episode 34 – Lucas Bononi Does Fine Art

“I actually had a situation where my mom had to come into the school because I was getting suspended for doing a Leonardo Da Vinci master copy."

creative mind-Craig Nelson

Creative Mind Podcast Episode 33: Craig Nelson – A Masterclass on the Working Artist

"Because we have learned, well, how to orchestrate marks that have meaning to someone else. We're creating magic.”