Keyframing a digital animation of a fantasy landscape called Pollution Castle by Ricardo Caria

Keyframe Paintings Basics and Tips

Keyframing is the way you establish parameter values in a video segment to enable easier editing and progress logical visual development.

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The Art Bundle: Design Basics, Female Inspirations, Graphic Novels, and Coffee Table Books

Cut through the noise, refresh your knowledge of the basic design tenets, get to know the influential women in the industry, and sit back and relax with a warm cup and creatively produced coffee…

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The Art Bundle: The Coolest in the Gaming Industry – Women Designers, Game Conventions, Title and Console Launches

Welcome back to another iteration of The Art Bundle – Gaming edition! Just before we wrap up the months of May, we look back at a time when going to public gatherings like game conventions aren’t…

Spring Show 2019 Retrospective – Fashion & Design

Fashion and Design—two of the core subjects taught at Academy of Art University, offering a clear opportunity to showcase one’s creativity and technical skills. It’s definitely a show wherever these…


The Art Bundle: When Gaming Takes Over Modern Day Pop Culture – Online Gaming, Films, Tabletops

Gaming has grown to be such a part of today’s pop culture that it’s crossed over to and with other mediums.

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On-Stage Entertainment Arts: Shining a Spotlight on Major Theater Awards

You’ve heard of the Oscars — but have you heard of the Tonys? Dive into major entertainment arts awards given out to the theater stars that light up our stages.

Seven Women Composers: Women's History Month

Seven Award-Winning Women Composers in Entertainment Arts

In honor of Women’s History Month, discover the achievements of 7 notable women composers in entertainment arts — ranging from movies and animated films to video games.


Visual Game Development: Seven Impressive Tabletop Stunners

Video games, movies, and TV shows aren’t the only media that require visual development. Tabletop games also have visual elements that can make a big difference in how they look.

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The Art Bundle: Awards Season in Entertainment Arts

The awards season is over, but for many of you, your journey into the realm of entertainment arts may just be starting. For this pilot bundle of TAB, we give you the lowdown on some of the biggest…

ASUS ProArt Series Demo

Academy Instructor Brings Star Wars Characters to Life in ASUS ProArt Demo

Anyone working in visual development can tell you how integral the equipment you use are to your final product. In this video, it’s not just anyone telling you that, but School of Visual Development…