Figure Drawing: Basics and Helpful Tips

Join Chuck Pyle's free online workshop on clothed figure drawings on August 18 at 7PM. Learn about the fundamentals of anatomy, body design, and costume history. RSVP here to reserve your spot.

Creative Mind Bonus Episode: Inside the World of Children’s Books

(by Bobby Brill) This bonus episode of Creative Mind, originally streamed on Urban Knights Radio, features Inside the World of Children's Books.

Creative Mind Podcast Episode 9: Chuck Pyle, Master Illustrator

(by Bobby Brill) In this episode of Creative Mind, we sat down with the director of the School of Illustration to talk about how to work as an artist; how to build your business.

Tips on Drawing Your Future in Webcomics

Webcomics have grown in popularity in recent years, and they’re expected to continue doing so thanks to the digital entertainment they provide. But how do you get started in it?

The Art Bundle: Design Basics, Female Inspirations, Graphic Novels, and Coffee Table Books

Cut through the noise, refresh your knowledge of the basic design tenets, get to know the influential women in the industry, and sit back and relax with a warm cup and creatively produced coffee…

Spring Show 2019 Retrospective – Liberal & Fine Arts

For this next iteration in our Spring Show Retrospective, we take a look back at the masterpieces showcased by our fine art and liberal art students back in 2019.

The Art Bundle: Practical Tips to Apply to Your Budding Design Career

Rules abound even in the world of creative design. While there are certain standards to best abide by, know that bending these rules can also pave the way for more creative freedom—and more exciting…

Michael Buffington to Host Online Workshop for Head Sketching

What: Head Sketching Online Workshop with Michael BuffingtonWhen: April 9, 2020, Thursday | 7:00PM PSTWhere: ZOOMRegister Here

Design Trends on Display: 7 Beautiful Coffee Table Books to Inspire You at Home

Coffee table books offer a great source of inspiration for learning more about design in any given field.

A 2020 Wishlist: 7 Beautiful Graphic Novels or Comics

Graphic novels and comics contain some of the most impressive illustrations around, if you know where to look. Which comics and graphic novels have been praised for having artwork that…