CMP-Ephraim Colbert

Creative Mind Podcast Episode 56: Ephraim Colbert

Ephraim Colbert is a creative media producer focusing on arts and culture, civil rights and social action, education, health, poverty alleviation, and social services. Ephraim has turned his…

What is A Documentary?

Creative Mind Podcast Episode 55: What is A Documentary?

In this bonus episode of Creative Mind, we dive in the world of making documentaries.

Creative Mind - What is a Low Budget Film?

Creative Mind Podcast Episode 54: What is a Low Budget Film?

In this bonus episode of Creative Mind, we jump into the world of writing, directing and producing for low budget films.

Creative Mind Podcast 53

Creative Mind #53: Hispanic Artists and Designers – Michelle Ruby & Antonio Borja

Antonio Borja and Michelle Ruby bring pride and representation to Hispanic artists all over as they pursue and succeed in their respective fields in art and design.

Richelle Cowan on Creative Mind Podcast

Creative Mind Podcast Episode 52: World Building with Richelle Cowan

Richelle is a dedicated artist based in Denver, Colorado. Having grown up a high-level reader, acute interests in science/nature, and an avid fan of books, movies, and games alike. Being a nerd…

What is a Creative?

What is a Creative?

“Creative is an interesting profession because it's a little bit like singing in the shower. Everybody thinks they can sing because they have a voice in the same way that everybody thinks that…

Creative Mind Podcast - Reis O'Brien

Creative Mind Podcast Episode 50: Reis O’Brien Makes Creativity Pop with Funko

Do you ever wonder who's the toy designer in charge of making the Funko Pops and toys you love? Well, on this episode we tear open the vinyl to feast on the creative goo that is Funko Creative…

Creative Mind Podcast - Rodney Thompson

Creative Mind Podcast Episode 49 – Rodney Thompson Keeps Fine with Fine Art

On this episode of Creative Mind, we talk with Rodney Thompson as he walks us through his journey, and therapy at the easel during this time of pandemic.

CMP-Caroline Baca-Vecchio

Creative Mind Podcast Episode 48: Caroline Baca-Vecchio on Art as Continuous Learning

From Spring Show to the pages of Juxtapoz Magazine, MFA student and fine art painter Caroline Baca-Vecchio has been riding a whirlwind of success, all the while selling her house and moving her…

StudioX Podcast with Catherine Tate and Sasha Korellis

Creative Mind Podcast Episode 47: Catherine Tate and Sasha Korellis on StudioX

StudioX, a student-run, faculty-mentored experience, emulates a real-world animation and VFX production environment.