creativemind-John Harvatine

Creative Mind Podcast 46: John Harvatine Builds Small Worlds to Tell Big Stories with Stop Motion

On this episode of the Creative Mind podcast, we talk with John “Harv” Harvatine IV about how he got into the world of stop motion and how he has built a world—of little worlds—that allow artists…

creative mind-Mike Shafia

Creative Mind Podcast Episode 44: Mike Shafia on Producing Oscar-Worthy Films

Listen in as Mike walks us through not only how the production of an Oscar-winning film runs, from start to finish, and everything in between.

creative mind-Environment Artists Panel

Creative Mind Podcast Episode 43: Video Game Environment Artist Panel

Creating a character for a video game can seem like the pinnacle of design, but in games like Ghosts of Tsushima and Assasin's Creed, the world you inhabit, the environment makes the game.

creative mind-Angie Annett

Creative Mind Podcast Episode 42: Angie Anett – Live Event Motion Designer

Angie Annett wanted to create her own theme park. Her journey so far has taken her from the SF Giants to Blizzard's ESports.

creative mind-Lori Beck

Creative Mind Podcast 41 – Lori Beck, Weaving Light and Magic

Lori Beck is a Senior Recruiter with Industrial Light & Magic. She began her tenure at LucasArts in 1992.

Kristin Baver - Creative Mind

Creative Mind Podcast Episode 40 – Kristin Baver, from Fan to Writer

In this episode of Creative Mind, Kristin Baver talks about her decade-long career in the world of hard news covering the darker side of life and how Star Wars served as way to wind down after a day…

creative mind-Amy Beth Christenson

Creative Mind Podcast 39 – Amy Beth Christenson Living Out Her Childhood Inspiration

The original Star Wars film inspired Amy Beth Christenson to spend her childhood drawing ships and creatures. Today, she is a senior concept designer at Lucasfilm Animation.

Creative Mind-Jeremy Saliba

Creative Mind Podcast Episode 38: Concept Artist Jeremy Saliba – Build Skill Sets Out of Fandoms

Concept artist Jeremy Saliba makes the pointed reminder for people to be careful with their critiques, and to “Never yuck someone’s yum.” 

Creative Mind-Charmaine Chan

Creative Mind Podcast Episode 37 – Charmaine Chan Makes It as a VFX Artist in the Real World

“A lot of times I actually tell a lot of the artists on my team to literally turn off your computer step away and go outside. It's just one of those things where you get so much inspiration by…

Creative Mind - Room to Read

Creative Mind Episode 36: Illustrating Peace & Equality – Creating Diverse Children’s Books

On this episode of Creative Mind, we dive in the Room to Read book sprint that brought together diverse writers and illustrators from the United States to create 10 books in just four weeks.