Creative Mind - Doug Campbell - Episode 5

Creative Mind Episode Podcast Episode 5: Doug Campbell, Master Storyteller

(by Bobby Brill) For many, working in Hollywood as a film director is a dream. For Doug Campbell, it is everyday reality.

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Five Inspiring Art Podcasts for Artists and Designers

Are you feeling overwhelmed by deciding which inspiring art podcast to listen to? Good news, we've compiled a list and picked the best for you.

Creative Mind Bonus Episode: Chris Moore Shares Insights on Being a Film Producer

Hollywood producer Chris Moore was an agent selling scripts who had a vision. When those visions weren’t met, he took matters into his own hands and became a producer. (by Bobby Brill)

Creative Mind Podcast Episode 4: Greg Eichholzer Leads in the Land of UI/UX

(by Bobby Brill) In this episode of Creative Mind, we dig a little bit deeper into the mechanics of gameplay, specifically the UI and UX, with Greg Eichholzer.

Creative Mind Podcast Bonus Episode 3 - Andi Miller

Creative Mind Bonus Episode: Andy Miller is Not Playing Games When It Comes to Esports

(by Bobby Brill) In this bonus episode of Creative Mind, we are welcomed by Andy Miller, the owner of the San Francisco Shock, the San Francisco-based professional esports team, to dive into the…

Creative Mind Bonus 2 - ANM Career

Creative Mind Bonus Episode: The Inside Scoop on a Professional Animation Career

What better way for students to know more about the real score in an animation career than from actual professionals living it? It’s not just for students, too, but anyone else who might be…

Creative Mind-Michael Buffington

Creative Mind Podcast Episode 3: Michael Buffington Helps Create Worlds 10,000 Drawings at a Time

Michael Buffington is bursting with ideas about different worlds and unique environments far from what we are normally used to. All he needs to start building them is a pencil and paper.

Creative Mind - Julie Downing

Creative Mind Podcast Episode 2: Julie Downing Doing It for the Kids

There's no need to get bored all cooped up in your room. The Creative Mind podcast team is here to keep you company. For Episode 2, we sit down with Children's Books illustrator Julie Downing.

Creative Mind Podcast Episode 1

Ready, Set, Launch: Creative Mind Podcast Presents Pilot Episode with Illustration School Grad

Bobby Brill Academy of Art University is proud to present its official podcast, Creative Mind! For the pilot episode, Bobby Brill sits down with art director and illustration school graduate…