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A Guide to Fine Arts Careers

It's time to look past the stereotypes that come with an art school degree and see the many different options for fine arts careers.

Three images of Mona Lisa painted in bright, popping colors

What You Can Expect From a Fine Arts Degree Program

Thinking about attending a fine arts school? You're in good company. According to a survey by a national arts advocacy organization, there are more than 1.4 million working artists in the U.S. Of…

A comic book style man and woman sharing a milkshake

Fine Arts in Focus: What Puts the Pop in Pop Art?

You’ve probably seen Andy Warhol’s neon painting of Marilyn Monroe, called the Marilyn Diptych. While this artwork is considered a classic example of Pop Art, what makes it Pop Art?

On Exhibit: A Veteran’s Journey From a Life in War to Art

From Iran to Thailand to the United States. For others, this may seem like an itinerary for an epic adventure. For Russel Fadavi, this was an itinerary for survival.

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Five Helpful Tips to Improve Your Drawing Skills in a Fine Arts School

When it comes to skills like drawing, some would say that it’s either you have it or you don’t. For others, however, it’s something that can be learned or acquired. Whichever side of the debate…

Sun Kim Fine Art Student Work Golden Moment

School of Fine Art’s Kevin Moore on Banksy Stunt: “It was a Comment on Capitalist Greed”

In this Q&A, professional artist and full-time faculty Kevin Moore sounds off on Banksy's Sotheby’s stunt that’s got everyone in the art world talking.

Sculpture Alumna Debuts Solo Show

Academy of Art University alumna Yuqing “Max” Luo debuted her first solo show at the Cannery Galleries in May 2017. A recent MFA graduate from the School of Fine Art-Sculpture, Luo displayed her…

On the Wall: Fine Art Student Captures Community Spirit in City Mural

Wear your heart on your sleeve—or perhaps on a wall. After two years of planning with the city of Martinez, Calif., Academy of Art University MFA student Colleen Gianatiempo kicked off her work on…