2012 VMA's Set Designer ROCKS!

Futuristic architecture last night at the MTV Video Music Awards, The main stage features three giant LED screens, a crystalline canopy that glows in various colors and to its right  there’s another set of angular shards. On the left, to switch it up, is a series of thin, long, LED cylinders upon which you can project other images and colors.
Video Music Awards stage
The set designer responsible for this futuristic design is German Florian Wieder.

The main stage features a one-of-a-kind metal cage that looks like a metallic bird in flight, as well as an angular series of lighted geometric shapes that form a cubist arch over the main performance space.

Wieder and the executive producers of the show had been working almost for a full year to create a design language for this year’s more “modern” and “angular” design. Numerous inspirations were drawn from sculpture and architecture and so much remixing took place that the pieces don’t borrow too heavily from one artist or architect (very meta given this year’s EDM vibe). That said, Wieder does give a hat tip and notes that the futuristic elements were partly inspired by the Dubai skyline.