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Christopher Ewing: From Academy to Hollywood

Discover how Christopher Ewing’s BFA in directing and screenwriting from the Academy’s School of Motion Pictures and Television paved the way for his successful Hollywood career. Ewing, winner of the prestigious Nicholls Fellowship Award from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, now has a deal with a major film studio to direct his screenplay.

“Academy of Art University gave me time to really learn my craft. It was an incredible base to use as a jumping-off point,” says Ewing—a huge part of what I learned at the Academy was how to live and work in this industry. I’d never written a feature screenplay before I was forced to do it in a screenplay class, which was pretty pivotal.” After graduation, Ewing, directed music videos and short films before spending nine years at Hulu as a producer-director.

His Hollywood success was propelled by the Academy of Art’s unique curriculum, professional facilities, and faculty of working professionals.

Discover how the Academy of Art University’s School of Motion Pictures & Television shapes future Hollywood directors like Christopher Ewing.