ui-ux-Kristine Jiao

From Project Management to UI/UX Mastery

Kristine Jiao’s insights into returning to school as a student at the Academy are worth watching to understand why it’s never too late to change your career path. 

Kristine’s leap from project management to pursuing a UI/UX Master’s degree at the Academy of Art University is more than just a change of profession—it’s a pursuit of passion. This video explores how our unique blend of academic rigor, industry connections, and supportive community provides a fertile ground for career transformation and helped Kristine earn an MFA in UI/UX.

Her experience in our Future Agency class was transformative. Future Agency collaborated with Adobe to enable students to create a TV spot using Adobe’s new generative AI tool, Firefly. In Kristine’s words. “AI for me was really scary before this. Learning how to use AI and then actually creating this entire project has been a really fun challenge. I’ve learned a lot of skills that, to me, feel applicable to the real world. The teachers here have experience in their fields, so you learn a lot from them just because they’ve had that real-world experience.” 

Interested in transforming your career like Kristine? Discover more about our UI/UX design program here.