Beau Oyler

The Inspiring Journey of Beau Oyler and Enlisted Design’s Rise to the Top

Discover how Beau Oyler, the visionary behind Enlisted Design, traces his remarkable journey from rigorous schooling to founding a groundbreaking design agency. Armed with a Bachelor of Industrial Art and Design, Beau’s academic voyage began at the Academy of Art University, renowned for its top-tier industrial design undergraduate programs. Beau’s educational stint laid the cornerstone for his success, immersing him in an environment that nurtured creativity and excellence.

Enlisted Design, based in Oakland, California, and Salt Lake City, Utah, excels as a leading design agency and brand incubator. Renowned for its strategy, branding, packaging, industrial design, and 3D animation expertise, it has earned top industry accolades like the DieLine Award and recognition from Fast Company as the best global design company. Enlisted Design supports startups from concept to launch and consults with established brands on rebranding. Additionally, they nurture innovation by incubating and launching their own products.

Beau’s educational journey through the School of Industrial Design laid the foundation for his success. He describes his schooling as intense and demanding, pushing him to understand all product design elements. Beau’s journey highlights the transformative role of education, particularly his time at the Academy of Art University, where he credits it as one of the top industrial design programs.

Equipped with the skills and expertise gained from his education, Beau continues to inspire innovation and creativity in branding and design. His commitment to excellence serves as a beacon for aspiring designers, showcasing the impact of quality education and dedication to one’s craft in achieving professional success.