Working at PARAMOUNT: Living the Dream | Alumni Spotlight

Discover Rain Zheng’s journey through the film industry. A vibrant tapestry of relentless progression and hands-on mastery. Armed with an MFA in Film and Television Production from the Academy, she stepped into the world of film as a Production Assistant and climbed the industry ladder. Today, she commands million-dollar productions. Her blend of a fiery passion for problem-solving and a well-rounded education has turned her into a go-to producer for numerous film financers.

Think of Rain as a film conductor, seamlessly blending artistic vision with the logistical harmony of production. Her expertise, shaped by the Academy’s real-world curriculum—spanning visual effects to budgeting, cinematography to production design—has enabled her to navigate the complexities of filmmaking, from crafting explosive scenes to collaborating with wild animals. Taught by working industry professionals, Rain was given hands-on practical experience in filmmaking from those who do. 

Rain hasn’t forgotten her roots; she stays connected to the Academy, valuing the continuous exchange with mentors who have become her lifelong colleagues. Her endorsement of the Academy’s MFA program underscores its role as an incubator for film talent, providing the tools and connections needed for aspiring filmmakers.

Rain’s journey also emphasizes the importance of pursuing a motion picture or television production degree. Exploring advanced programs like an MFA in Film and Television Production or an MFA in Writing for Television and Digital Media, along with degrees in Visual Effects for Film and Television, is a key to a long-lasting and lucrative career in today’s multi-screen entertainment world.