Assorted Light Fixtures Illuminate a Greek City Street

Creative group Beforelight, located in Greece, came up with this innovative and inspiring concept in which old, unwanted lamps and lampshades were recycled into an amazing public street art exhibition, Could we do this here is San Francisco?
“Under a Different Light is a project in which residents of Thessaloniki were invited to donate their unused and broken lighting fixtures to the cause. Beforelight set up shop in an abandoned building and, along with local residents and volunteers, repaired all of the parts and installed the strings of lights along Ernest Hebrard Street. The installation brightened up the single road and provided a dazzling display for a large street party with live music, where everyone in Thessaloniki was invited to celebrate their city and to enjoy this innovative public exhibit. Locals and visitors could come to the party and experience a fresh perspective of an old city street, newly illuminated for everyone to see.”