How to Get Plants


We do our best to get the exact plants that Bay Area landscape pros are looking for. That’s why they’ve been turning to us for nearly 150 years to help them with this essential service.

As both a grower with over 36 acres of plants, and as a broker with a huge plant material network, we have access to a very large inventory of plants. This uncommon combination provides the best opportunity for us to get you just the plants you’re looking for.

And while it may look easy, filling a plant Order can sometimes be challenging. The reasons are many, including:

  • Unusual, yet popular varieties, may be available but in limited sizes and quantities
  • Landscapes, and the plants in them, are subject to trends—That’s why we work hard to be aware of them and stock what’s current and in demand
  • In a strong economy, demand for plants can outpace supply

Click here to read the full step by step plan on ordering plants for your landscape projects!