IIDA Student Competition HERE!!

10998648_782268951852111_2605110845934113953_nThe International Interior Design Association has announced the 2016 Student Design Competition. It has been slated as a mixed use or better described as a co-working space. There are some really unique features and interesting challenges presented this year. The follow was taken from the IIDA-SDC Brief:
Social selling or social retail is a massive and disruptive change to the old and stale business-to-consumer retail model. Makers and sellers no longer need traditional distribution and big box stores to reach consumers with their products with companies like Stella & Dot, Matilda Jane, and Juice Plus being born from this model.
After 5 years of steady growth, co-working spaces are no longer a fad; they are part of today’s office ecosystem. The makers and sellers of the social retail boom need workspace, and the co-working model offers the right combination of affordability and flexibility to operate a business, make/generate their product, and display it. This year, IIDA would like SDC participants to look at the future of social retailing workspace with the creation of Social Station.
The 2016 IIDA SDC invites you to create Social Station—a first-of-its-kind co-working space specialized for today’s social retailers. Your program should be the integration of both social retail and a high-functioning co-working space. Encouraging adaptability, health, and well-being, and an emphasis on an active, engaging space should be priorities in your final design. It should also address new models and approaches to the co-working space.
SO… ready for a challenge? Want to show why Academy Of Art students are the best? Ready to make a national splash? If you are interested in working as part of a team for fame and fortune (yes there is a cash prize) then see Mark Miller in office 206H or email .