Indoor- Outdoor Rooms via Vogue Living

As designers we always talk about bringing the outdoors in while designing spaces, how? weather it is with the placement of windows, the colors we select for our walls or even just opening those walls to the outside. Today we have the most beautiful indoor outdoor rooms from the pages of Vogue Living.
This home in Sydney’s Coogee has turned a balcony into an outdoor living room with the use of comfortable sofas covered with durable but beautiful fabrics.

A vertical garden wall that’s tall enough to provide protection from the elements while keeping a space open to the outdoors.

These unique steel-framed doors are large enough to entirely transform an ordinary room into an outdoor one.

Step directly into your pool…

Floor to ceiling glass looking onto a garden space is the simplest way to bring the outdoors in.

Interestingly manicured hedges surrounded by glass windows at the centre of this home create a striking natural feature.

Glass louvres are utilized in their traditional form on this rural property that allows summer breezes in when warm but keeps the heat in from the wood fire in winter.

Images and room descriptions via Vogue Living.