Interior Design Apps

With the coming of the iPhone 5 we thought it would be a great idea to find the 5 apps ALL Interior Designers should have:

Houzz: Free
-We all have that moment when something so trivial, like the slightest shade of color from a promotional pen, can inspire an entirely new endeavor.  Houzz is made specifically to give you the inspiration you need when working on any project.  Over 500,000 high resolution photos of different Design projects are available at your fingertips.
Cardmunch: Free
-Like in any industry, networking within the Interior Design community is crucial.  But what can you do instantly to ensure you keep in contact?  Just use Cardmuch, which was created as a supplement of LinkedIn.  Just snap a photo of the business card in question and they’re contact information will go right into you address book, as well as the accessibility to connect with them on LinkedIn.
Mark on Call: For Iphone: $1.99
-Though this app is aimed at private residential Interior Design, it allows you to properly measure a room to make sure your plans will fit accordingly.  You can edit the floor and background details to the room you are Designing as well.
Benjamin Moore Color Capture: Free
-Found a color that just caught your eye?  Just snap a photo of it and this app from paint maker Benjamin Moore will help you find a match to it from its over 3,000 paint color options.
Cool Hunting: Free
-Though this app is only available on the Ipad, it will keep you up to date with trends in the Design community.  Daily updates and weekly mini-documentaries are included.