Letter from AgroSci Green Walls

Dear Reader,

The University of Texas earlier this year erected its first green wall. In this month’s edition of Green Wall News, we feature an excellent short video on the project.

Also highlighted in this edition are a Singapore real estate and property management firm that focuses on green building, including living walls; 10 examples of stunning green walls; the impact of green design on school test scores and an impressive green wall at the new Sydney headquarters of a large international property and construction firm.

AgroSci’s big news is a recently released study by scientists at the University of Staffordshire in England showing that our air-purifying Aerogation green walls are highly effective at breaking down a major fossil fuel pollutant, nitrogen dioxide. NO2 is a dangerous gas that causes and exacerbates respiratory illnesses.

The study showed that our Aerogation™ walls, which purify air naturally without filters or sequestration, remove an average of 62.4 percent of NO2 from polluted air. The results demonstrated that our technology is effective at cleaning polluted air. as we are already doing with test walls in the City of London.

Also this month, we installed an Aerogation™ air-purifying green wall at the i.Park office complex in Norwalk, Ct. This modest wall has the cleaning capacity of about 24,000 house plants, thanks to AerogationTM technology.

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