Modern Tea House in Beijing

Japanese architect Kengo Kuma has given a Beijing tea house a great design makeover, he arranged translucent plastic blocks in a brick-like formation to create new walls in the space.
By using polyethylene plastic batons he create an elaborate grid across the ceiling and walls of each room of the private member’s club, which is simply named Beijing Tea House. The over all concept for the space was based on the traditional brick architecture of Beijing. 
“The main structure for the city of Beijing is masonry bricks,” explained Kengo Kuma and Associates. “Blocks made of polyethylene are in this sense a modern version of masonry.”
“It proves high performance in insulation and passes through light to create a gentle space of Zen, just as the paper used for Siheyuan [courtyard residences] did in the past,” they added.
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Beijing Tea house by Kengo Kuma
Beijing Tea house by Kengo Kuma