Monday Morning Photo(s) Back to School Edition

For today’s Monday Morning Photos Back to School Edition we have the winners of the Design Milk competition.

Last Fall the IAD retail design class taught by instructor Serena Zanello had the opportunity to participate in a design competition on how students would envision the office space of the future. The client being Design Milk- a blog featuring interior design ideas, architecture, modern furniture, home decor, art, style, and technology, founded by Jaime Derringer. The innovative blog currently does not have an office space and the idea of creating a space for a non-existing office was the biggest challenge that students had to deal with.

After a several months of hard work students, submitted their final designs to the IAD department and to Design Milk’s founder Jamie Deringer.

The first place was given to MFA IAD student Wei Luo, the two runner up were Chantal Yakou and Katheen Dayoun. 

1st place winner Wei Luo on the project:
Design Milk is an online design magazine dedicated to what’s innovative, fresh, and new in the world of design, designers, design students and those who are interested in design are benefited from this. Milk box is an important brand identity of design milk, the milk box can be folded, be reassemble and be taken apart, which will meet the demand of flexibility, dynamism and innovation of the space. In addition, facet is an important element of the milk box, it will be emphasized in the space in order to create a sense of future.
Kathleen Mae Dayon says of her design:
A simple set of building blocks can create wonders. Creativity the key in using this blocks. just like the block, Design Milk is like an art and design hub where in it ignites people’s creativity.
The concept is combining both modularity and functionality to create a space where in dynamic for the users needs and activities. Users interaction is and important consideration in this concept. It will also reflect in the spaces as well. Squares and cubes are used around the space with accents of circles which breaks the rigidness of an angular shape. The color palette consists of neutral shades with accents of bright colors. Just like the building blocks, bright colors are use to attract attention and make the space more fun.
MFA student in Interior Architecture and Design, Chantal Yakou, says about the “Layers” design:
The concept of this design is “Layers.” As designers we are always editing, trying to make our work as efficient as possible. It’s a vicious cycle between adding and taking away and its not until we reach the sweet spot, the balance between too many layers and not enough that we truly produce sophisticated design.
This design interlaces different materials layered with complimentary textures to create subtle contrast throughout the space. I incorporate layers of lighting to create a visual effect that is both dynamic and gives comfort to the eye. The goal is to keep the it pretty simple in attempt to create an environment that is not distracting to the everyday user, can easily be changed to fit the needs of the moment, but is still stimulating, interactive, and fun
To read more about the project visit Design Milk’s post here
Rendering courtesy of the students