Muni get a Fresh Look in 2014

The San Francisco Municipal Railway, better known simply as “Muni”, is San Francisco’s main transportation system since 1912. Its logo and trains designs are dated and don’t match with San Francisco is all about so D. Kim and Mirtho Prepont came up with a new concept for the popular transportation system.
The main effort was redrawing the logo to make all of the lines of equal weight and proportion, giving the mark a much fresher look. You’ll also see that the “I” is the same weight as the other letters. The brighter red color is also a more fresher look, instead of that 70’s awful maroon color.
Even their drivers are getting a fashion makeover, a wide assortment of interchangeable apparel pieces now use neutral colors with the red Muni accent color
Muni rebranding concept by D. KimMuni rebranding concept by D. Kim
Muni rebranding concept by D. Kim