Nuon HQ in Amsterdam

This modern building is a mixed-use building featuring a hotel, catering center, and 27,000 sq feet of office space for over 2,200 employees.
The design team used the companies  aspiration and created an earth-themed sitting area – plants surrounding the booths, the chairs and tables are natural, unfinished wood, and the round lighting is energy efficient.
Nuon-Headquarters-Amsterdam-Heyligers-Architects-Cool-Office-2 Nuon-Headquarters-Amsterdam-Heyligers-Architects-Cool-Office-3 Nuon-Headquarters-Amsterdam-Heyligers-Architects-Cool-Office-4 Nuon-Headquarters-Amsterdam-Heyligers-Architects-Cool-Office-5 Nuon-Headquarters-Amsterdam-Heyligers-Architects-Cool-Office-1