Parc de la Villette, Paris

In 1982 a competition was set forth to revitalize the abandoned slaughter house and wholesale meat market in Paris, France.

Bernard Tschumi, a French Architect and theorist entered a design which was chosen from over 470 entries. Tschumi did not design the park with the mindset that the  landscape should be the predominant force behind the design [i.e. Central Park].  Rather, in keeping true to the history of Landscape Architecture in France, he envisioned Parc de la Villette as a place where natural and artificial [man-made] are forced together into a state of constant reconfiguration.

The park is a grand sculpture garden that is home to many cultural events such as galleries, dance performances, theater, etc…

Check out the gallery of Images from Parc de la Villette below, and allow yourself to critique the space.