Creative Mind-Michael Buffington

Creative Mind Podcast Episode 3: Michael Buffington Helps Create Worlds 10,000 Drawings at a Time

Michael Buffington is bursting with ideas about different worlds and unique environments far from what we are normally used to. All he needs to start building them is a pencil and paper.

 As a Concept Art Lead, he is considered to be an expert in world-building, which is why there is no question to his credibility in teaching students at the School of Game Development.

But although he may be surrounded by high tech equipment and technology, he still keeps coming back to his foundations. After all, even video games start with pencil and paper. Michael Buffington is not just a conceptual artist, he is also a Drawaholic.

As the mastermind of this illustration organization at Academy of Art University, he sets the bar high for its members, and expects them to meet their fine standards. The only commitment he asks from his student members: sign a pledge to create 10,000 drawings throughout the year.

 It’s not as scary as it sounds! Hear Michael Buffington talk about it—and more—himself by checking out the podcast below.

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