Creative Mind Bonus Episode: Chris Moore Shares Insights on Being a Film Producer

Hollywood producer Chris Moore was an agent selling scripts who had a vision. When those visions weren’t met, he took matters into his own hands and became a producer.

(by Bobby Brill)

This bonus episode of Creative Mind features Chris Moore, a Hollywood producer who is known for Manchester by the Sea (2016), Reindeer Games (2000) and The Adjustment Bureau (2011).

This is an exclusive recording from the event where he sat down with the executive director of Schools of entertainment and Academy Award winner Jana Sue Memel during his visit to the School of Motion Pictures & Television at Academy of Art University. He generously shared insights into the entertainment industry and what it takes to work in the industry as he answers questions from students.

Discontent Leads to Success

A 25-year veteran in Hollywood, Moore started in a studio mailroom before working as an agent selling scripts. When he saw that the films of the scripts he sold weren’t sticking to the vision he imagined, Moore jumped to producing. When elements of that didn’t follow his liking, he teetered a bit into directing before ultimately deciding that the producer hat suited him best.

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