Police Sprying Works of Art?

Not enough that police officers are pepper spraying Occupy protestors but are they doing it to famous works of art?
After the Friday incident where a UC Davis cop Lt. John Pike doused students with pepper spray at the University of California, Davis, during a local Occupy Wall Street protest, Photoshopped images of him spraying works of art have been all over the news as part of an Internet meme intended to shame him for his actions.
James Alex, an American artist living in Edinburgh, Scotland, created some of the images Sunday night and expanded it to others such as the Manet, the Eakins, Wyeth and Willard, posting them to his Tumblr
The images are all over the Internet but here are the first ones that came out of Pike spraying works of art from Picasso, Georges Seurat,Manet, Delacroix and John Trumbull.