Music Industry Pioneer Daphne Oram

Women in Sound Design: How Daphne Oram Broke the Glass Ceiling

“Who run the world?” Beyoncé asked. “Girls!” they replied. Now, while there is no debate as to Beyoncé’s utmost, divine perfection, this loud and proud battle cry in her monster hit of a track…

Top Videogame OST

Music Production School Inspo: Top Video Game Soundtracks

When you think about iconic video games, what comes to mind? Long-time video game players know that good gameplay is great, but there’s a lot more that what makes games memorable, especially music…

Mark Cofer - School of Music Production Alumni

School of Music Alumni Scores The Handmaid’s Tale Super Bowl Ad

The last time we heard of Mark Cofer (and it wasn't that too long ago, really), he was busy writing musical scores for major motion pictures and trailers for major Hollywood productions, like…

Students inside music production booth

How Music Production School Can Help You Master Sound Design

If you have a good ear for sound effects, you could turn this interest into a rewarding career. Attending a music production school is a surefire way to get started!

Next-Gen Artists Master Their Craft Using Apple Technology

Next-Gen Artists Master Their Craft Using Apple Technology

It's been said that music is a universal language. "I'm from Compton. Born and raised," Steven Lamar Moore, student at Academy of Art University said. "Ever since I was a kid in church choir, I was…

Music Student Composes Song for Chinese New Year Parade

Academy of Art University is proud to celebrate the Year of the Rooster with an outstanding student collaboration honoring the tenth Chinese zodiac sign and its emphasis on perfectionism and loyalty.…