Next-Gen Artists Master Their Craft Using Apple Technology

Next-Gen Artists Master Their Craft Using Apple Technology

It’s been said that music is a universal language.

“I’m from Compton. Born and raised,” Steven Lamar Moore, student at Academy of Art University said.

“Ever since I was a kid in church choir, I was fascinated by the piano player. I remember just staring at his hands the entire time,” he added.

It’s the resources that the Academy had that impressed Moore enough to make him want to study music there.

“Students who come here have a dream. And we empower that dream by providing them with the training and technology to help them grow as artists.” says Bradley Hughes, director of the School of Music Production & Sound Design for Visual Media at the Academy.

When creativity meets innovative technology, art takes on many different shapes and forms. A successful collaboration of the two in a film soundtrack and scoring can lead to the best work results—a symphony of the next century orchestrated on both apps and physical instruments.

Career Readiness

Academy of Art University, the top art school in San Francisco, has been preparing students for professional creative careers in various fields since 1929. Today, career readiness means educating students in how to best employ technology to create beautiful work, collaborate with each other effectively, and ultimately succeed as professional artists.

“All humans are born with creative potential, but to turn that creativity into something deeply meaningful takes hard work and focus,” says Hughes. He believes strong collaborations are the foundation of creativity. “We think really hard about choosing the best tools to help our students express themselves.”

The Academy has committed itself to preparing students for careers in today’s creative industries. The university strives to equip students across disciplines with knowledge and the requisite tools. Professionals working in today’s creative industries—from film to music production to design—rely on advanced technologies to be creative.

Technology & Music Intertwine

Hughes explains why his school—and the Academy—chooses Apple products, such as Logic Pro X, as the foundation for its curriculum: “Apple and its ecosystem of apps are designed for musicians, filmmakers, photographers, designers and all kinds of people, with the idea they’re going to be creating and collaborating.”

For students who love music, it helps develop and refine their creativity using top technology.

“It’s why I choose to come to Academy of Art University,” says Moore.

For example, the power and flexibility of an iPad gives students the freedom to explore and express ideas on-the-go. Plus, built-in apps and intuitive software create a personal learning experience that is as unique as each student. These products even have the ability to let students conduct a virtual orchestra to create the soundtrack for presentations.

Composing music on iPads.
Composing music on iPads.

This is technology that enables the best collaborations. Students at the Academy are seeing their creativity unleashed. Additionally, they can feel confident that they’re equipped with the skills and tools needed to become successful.

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