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Entertainment Arts and Independent Films and Music: Exploring Indie Media

What makes films and music independent? Find out more about indie media in entertainment arts, including how it started and what sets these apart.  

Entertainment Arts

The Art Bundle: Awards Season in Entertainment Arts

The awards season is over, but for many of you, your journey into the realm of entertainment arts may just be starting. For this pilot bundle of TAB, we give you the lowdown on some of the biggest…

Academy of Art Chinese New Year Parade 2020

In Photos: Academy of Art Students Collaborate for Chinese New Year Parade Float

You’ve seen the concept design, and you’ve seen the hard work put in behind the scenes. Now it’s time to see the final product of this interdepartmental collaboration that is the official float for…

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Exploring Genres in Entertainment Arts: Key Components of a Documentary Film

What makes up documentary films? Learn more about some of the key components of these films in the field of entertainment arts.  

Music Awards in Entertainment Arts: Highlighting the Grammys

The Grammys are up there with the Oscars as one of the most well-known awards shows in entertainment arts. While the Oscars celebrate filmmaking, the Grammys honor musicians, music…

School of Music Production

What You Should Know About Sound Design and Music Industry Careers

Music industry careers have many exciting opportunities for students who want to get their start either in production, recording or composition of music.  

Music Production

Know Your Field: Music Production vs Music Scoring and Composition

The music industry has various opportunities open for you to pursue the career path of your choice. Among these are music production, and music composing or scoring. So what sets them apart?

Composer Inspo: Greatest Musical Scores That Won the Oscars

Some music is timeless, and this may be especially true of musical soundtracks. Here are seven that have become especially beloved over the years.

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What You’ll Learn From a Music Production Degree: Classes to Expect

When you’ve got an ear for music and sound, a sound design or music production degree is an ideal career choice. But what exactly do you need to learn to make your dream a reality? ……

Sound Mixing Board

Skills That Music Production Programs Teach You (And Jobs That They Prepare You For)

If you’ve ever listened to movie soundtracks on loop, or if you’ve ever wondered about how certain video game sound effects are created, music production programs might be tailor-made for you.