Student Design… Day 4

We’ll start this week’s blog with a design by Yuening Pu, an Undergraduate Landscape Architecture student who has chosen to use the Taoist philosophy of “man kind is an integral part of nature” as her design concept.

Yuening has created a forest-like condition for her design by enclosing the space with tall bamboo plants, and showcasing a regulated grid of bamboo plants as the focal point of the design. The grid of bamboo seen in the center is intended to be covered by white plastic bags in order to remind one of the pollution and waste issues that exist in China, which in turn has been the impetus for man to fall out of balance with nature, and thereby undermining the Taoist philosophy.

Using the ancient Chinese garden creation guidelines of “borrowing views”, Yuening has created two feature sculpture pieces that emulate mountainous forms of recycled materials to further stress on the issue of waste.