The Lady Behind the Mouse

After being sick for a few days and wearing gloves (don’t ask), my days of looking like Minnie Mouse with the white gloves are over. Minnie Mouse will always be known as Mickey Mouse’s love interest. She is popular for her large yellow high heels, polka dot dress, and matching bow between her ears; but the lady mouse did not always look like this. In the 1940s, Minnie received a makeover and her iconic look has remain pretty the much the same for the past 70 years. So what did Minnie look like before she was redesigned?

Plane Crazy (1928)

Minnie’s first appearance was in Plane Crazy (1928). She only had a simple skirt with bloomers underneath. No shoes and no bow.

The Gallopin' Gaucho (1928)

Later that year, Minnie was seen in The Gallopin’ Gaucho (1928). She was presented as the damsel in distress dressed with some type of top coverage above her skirt and in overgrown high heels, which she later loses once she gets kidnapped by the villain.

Steamboat Willie (1928)

The famous Steamboat Willie (1928) is released towards the end of year and Minnie shows off a new accessory, a hat with a flower hanging on the top. Her look is still similar to The Gallopin’ Gaucho where she dons her questionable top, flirty skirt, and high heels.

Today, it seems her current look has made her more conservative and wholesome with the replacement of the hat with the bow, a dress with a appropriate top, and with white gloves to complete her outfit. Her modern colorful look is much more youthful than her previous looks. Besides the improvement of finer details and a dash of color, is our lady mouse aging gracefully? In the next couple of years, will Minnie’s iconic look remain the same or will she need to get work done?