Timeless Jewelery + Architecture

A few days ago an amazing installation by BOFFO Building Fashion opened in New York, an 1.800 square foot space was transformed into a magical world of timeless jewelery pieces by Irene Neuwirth.
The structure plays with different shapes and forms and the use of lighting to create a magnificent jewelery experience.
Read the designer description of the project:
As forms of personal adornment, manifesting itself as brooches, rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, jewelry has been associated for millennia as timeless forms of luxury and collectables. Evolving by way of varying treatments and techniques, technology has played an instrumental role in developing fine jewelry as items of modern luxury and sophistication. Similarly, THEVERYMANY is proposing Fibulae as a digitally fabricated architectural sensibility of high intricacy performing as an embroidered symbolic brooch, showcasing the vibrant multicolor collection of Irene Neuwirth. The precise metal-stone balance of fine gemstones is present when turquoise, emerald and lapis are interlaced within intricate golden lattice of Fibulae as timeless collectable jewelry, the ultimate statement in modern luxury. This delicate embrace of jewels and golden lace is achieved through a network of interlacing tubes finished with floral like openings that embrace the fine jewelry collection for exhibition.
Photography by Evan Joseph