Trends for 20/20

Interior design trends are not only about colors and textiles, they have to do with what is in style for your home, this year the International Furnishings and Design Association have come up with the residential trends for 2020, like the return of dining rooms, the scale down of houses and how living rooms soon will be a thing from the past.
This study is based on the results of the IFDA’s annual Crystal Ball Survey. The effects of the economic downturn definitely seem foremost on the minds of the survey recipients. According to them, we can all look forward to smaller houses with smaller rooms by 2020: fully 76 percent of respondents said so, as opposed to only 49 percent at the last IFDA census. In our newly downsized homes, we’ll all be doing twice as much work—the report predicts a strong likelihood of more residences with not one but two home offices within. And in perhaps the survey’s most Jetson-esque prediction, a convincing 97 percent of designers surveyed said that in nine years, our living spaces will feature a larger number of electronic devices activated by means other than flipping a switch or turning a knob. Yes, voice command is going to be the next big thing in toast preparation.
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Images IFDA
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