UFO's Take Over Frankfurt

Hamburg based design firm JOI-Design have designed an extraordinary café/reception desk in the lobby of the new Price water house Coopers building in Frankfurt, Germany.
Read what the designers have to say about the project:
The focal point of the entrance lobby is an uber-hip, UFO-like “island” which functions on one side as a reception desk and then doubles on the other side as a café / bar for social events. Made from highly polished glass fibres, the dynamic, glossy white structure has been moulded into a lacy “web” symbolising a neural network and emphasising PwC’s interconnected philosophy and creativity as a leading “think-tank” of consultants. Sleek white leather barstools line the café side of the desk. Within the centre panel, colour-shifting LED lights can be adjusted to varying degrees of intensity, so that the effect can be more subdued through the work day and pumped up to a more vibrant radiance during a reception in the evening. The supple, sculptural design ingeniously sweeps around one of the building’s central support columns, transforming a design dilemma into a sexy solution.