Vacation in Chapala

Misa Canales, one of our BFA students, decided to share his summer adventure! This is what he had to say:

While on summer vacation, my family and I went to Mexico.We had a short amount of time to visit family and see all the amazing places that it has to offer.


We visited the small town of Chapala, which is located in the state of Jalisco.


We walked along the lakefront, where people would sell eateries and handmade crafts. This open space was being enjoyed by tourist and locals. Musicians would play along the lakefront to earn money. On this beautiful sunny day, people would take boat rides to see the whole lake.


Walking out to the pier, I could see the small mountains that would emcompass the town with rich and vibrant vegetation.


The palm trees would create a canopy for shade for vendors and visitors to sit.


The public open space in Chapala is a great place to visit and enjoy.


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