Volkshotel Special Rooms by Various Designers

The Volkshotel invited nine young designers to design the hotel’s special guest rooms. The results are very innovative and creative here are a few of our favorites.
Cabin in the Woods by Gabor Disberg features a simple wooden structure that holds a double bed, held aloft by surrounding birch trees.

Hanna Maring’s Japanese tub takes center stage in Bathing Bikou. The airy room is divided into sections by polyester panels with subtle gradients that deviate with the changing light.

Rosa Winkel’s design is a sultry, all-black room called Soixante Neuf the bed hangs in the middle of the room on a large steel frame, and a sunken bath occupies the windowsill.

Named after explorer Edmund Hillary, Edmund is quite literally the most adventurous of the ‘specials’. Inspired by Mount Everest, Jos Blom and Jasper Eustace designed a unit with double bed, shower and, at the peak, a bath.

Photos Daniel Nicolas