When Jobs In The Animation Industry Disappear…

From Chris Oatley:

“Here’s a new post I wrote to encourage the aspiring artists and industry vets whose worlds have been rocked by the recent tumult at Dreamworks, R&H and DD. Anyone who has worked in the animation industry knows that layoffs and studio closures are just standard occupational hazards.

…but times are especially tough right now.

Is there still hope for art students and professional artists who dream of working in animation? …and how do we respond to the troubling news of layoffs and bankrupt studios? …and what does it mean to those of us who are trying to break in?

Read on for some words of encouragement… “





When in doubt: DRAW .


How should you respond to troubling news about the animation industry?

…the same way you respond to encouraging news about the animation industry.

Draw, paint, repeat.


-David Nethery

Online Director of 2D Animation