On February 11th, 2015 The School of Landscape Architecture celebrated a monumental moment. The grand Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of its new home at San Francisco’s historic and iconic Cannery!

Just over 4 years ago, our  first classes commenced with a handful of bright students, and today with over one hundred engaged and committed BFA and MFA students (online and onsite) enrolled, our school is excited to have a place to call a home of its own in one of San Francisco’s most history and design rich nodes.

The evening began with an impassioned and thoughtful speech by the Director of the School of Landscape Architecture, Heather Clendenin, continued by the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony in which all attendees, students, faculty, administration, and friends cut red ribbons to commence a new chapter for the department.

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Following the ceremony, students of various studios and classes presented the audience with ample information regarding the context, history, environment, programming, demographics, etc… of The Cannery and its environs that make the presence of The School of Landscape Architecture in this particular location ever more exciting and inspirational.

In addition to information, analysis, and facts, students Baryuth Moran and Eric Arneson offered design solutions for the surrounding neighborhood and the building, while students Anni Holma, Nadia De La Torre, Tianmiao Yang, Hsiao Shien Lin,and  Kai Chie Shuie  implemented a striking tape art installation that symbolizes growth and big ideas at the entry to our studio space.


As student Erick Munoz so eloquently stated: “[Being at] The Cannery  marks a new chapter for The School of Landscape Architecture which will have a major positive impact on all of our students.We are located in an area that is surrounded by different types of open space that we can study, analyze, learn from, and use as testing ground in order to create better designs.”

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