Are Smart Parks the Parks of the Future?

Among other surprising factors, smart parks conserve water, groom themselves, activate and deactivate, self-heal, and improve public health for their visitors without a negative impact to the environment.

How smart can a park be? The Luskin Center created a toolkit to assist landscape architects and city planners in creating sustainable, useful, and innovative urban parks.

The toolkit:

  • identifies technologies that could be or have been used in parks,
  • presents a rating system for those technologies,
  • provides guidance for park management on implementation, and
  • determines potential partnerships and funding strategies for implementing SMART Parks.


Interested in learning more? Read “Smarter Parks, Smarter Cities” by Kelsey Jessup with the



The rendering above was created by Diana (Dan Liao). Diana graduated from the AAU School of Landscape Architecture in December 2017 with her MA.