San Francisco Open Studio

Join Us! Free Fun for Aspiring Artists at SF Open Studio

Searching for a college, especially the ideal art and design school, can be a nerve-racking process if you only rely on the information from the Internet. So how do you find out if school is a good fit for you?

Simple…you check it out for yourself! Visit the Academy of Art University on Saturday, April 14th for our San Francisco Open Studio event and immerse yourself in the full art school experience.

As one of the top art and design school in the United States, we offer more than 100 degree options, and 30+ art and design programs both onsite in San Francisco and online.

At this unique event, you will have the opportunity to attend program presentations and tours; explore our facilities with all of the latest technology; engage with tools you’ll personally use as a student at the Academy; and participate in activities and events specific to the department(s) you are interested in.

Here are some fun and unique activities that we think you should check out at the Open Studio. You can also download the full schedule.

  1. Interaction and UI/UX Design

The School of Interaction & UI/UX Design is all about going beyond the curve in the industry. If you are interested in new technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and 3D Printing, you should check out our VR & AR and 3D Printing Demo.

We will showcase VR and AR projects that demonstrate how the next generation of exciting and immersive interactive experiences are being built.

Watch 3D printing in action. See how today’s interaction designers are using this high-tech printing technology to prototype the smart products you use every day like Fitbit and Alexa.

  1. Illustration

One of the most popular activities at SF Open Studio is our uber-famous Costume Carnival event at the School of Illustration. Amazing illustrations are created as students and faculty sketch characters portrayed by live models.

The Costume Carnival happens only once per semester, and is centered around a specific themes. This semester’s theme is Mythology. Join us to learn about the School of Illustration and meet professional illustrators (who are also instructors at the Academy) in person.

3. Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture is the perfect combination of art and science, urban and rural, living systems and sculptural form, historical precedent, and innovative vision. It is the profession of the future.

Check out the Drone Demonstration at the School of Landscape Architecture, and see how Landscape Architects use drones to map the topography and landscape; and how to utilize the data to create usable 3D models.

4. Advertising

Advertising is an exciting profession for those who have creative ideas and know how to develop their ideas into effective campaigns. Come and meet Andrea Pimentel, Director of the School of Advertising, to learn about what’s trending in the ad world.

5. Fine Art

Every year, the School of Fine Art hosts a variety of sessions to discuss all of the exciting areas of interest (sculpture, ceramics, painting, etc) for prospective students to take part in. Find out about our exciting School of Fine Art.

Get advice and direction from our faculty who are all professional artists themselves. Join in on workshops or watch demonstrations. Come away with a better understanding of your art and your future possibilities.

6. Jewelry and Metal Arts

From traditional jewelry-making skills to the latest in lasers and 3D modeling and printing, you could learn a wide array of techniques that you can use in your future profession.

If you are interested in learning about the basic process of designing and creating your jewelry, visit the School of Jewelry and Metal Arts Open Studio. See demos on fold forming and soldering, learn how to create surface variation, and get tips on forging and fold forming.

  1. Art History

Art Historians can work in some disciplines beyond the traditional avenues of teaching and research. From working in the movie, television and gaming industry as historical experts, to becoming advisors to fashion houses looking to incorporate historical elements in their newest collection to advising private companies on their art investments.

If you want to learn more about the School of Art History, visit SF Open Studio.

8. Music Production & Sound Design for Visual Media

If you want to know how to turn your passion and appreciation of great music and sound into a brilliant career, don’t miss the activities from our School of Music Production & Sound Design for Visual Media.

Explore the before and after of sound effects for visual media, and how these are sued in  film and video game production. Check out our sound design demo and take the first step toward this exciting and rapidly evolving field.

  1. Art Education

If you want to have a rewarding career as an artist and educator, our renowned Art Education faculty members can help you to develop the artistic and educational skills you need to engage, inspire, and uplift your students.

Come have an in-person conversation with our directors and get an opportunity to view capstone videos, interactive demonstrations of a direct instruction art lesson, and more.

  1. Animation and Visual Effects

Our School of Animation and Visual Effects is one of the most dynamic programs in the country with alumni working on award-winning, blockbuster films. Come to check our green screen studio and talk to some of today’s most accomplished professionals in the animation industry. Don’t forget to ask our faculty members about Studio X!

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